About Us

Welcome to Carnegie Hill Books


We are a full-service bookseller specializing in rare, collectible and hard-to-find books on Architecture, Modern design, Interior Design, Furniture, Gardens & Garden Design, New York City, Fashion, Photography, and Illustration.

We provide books to some of the country's leading architectural and design firms as well as major institutions and private individuals.

It is our goal as an independent bookseller to be able to provide a higher level of customer service and personal attention then the big national chains could ever hope to.
Ann Brockschmidt and Doug Mills, managed the out-of-print and rare book department at Archivia the Decorative Arts Bookshop until its closing in 2003. Ann had been with the company for over 12 years and has vast knowledge of the applied arts.


All aspects of our operations reflect this commitment, from personalized searches to the proper packaging of your order.

We also pride ourselves on our knowledge of our fields of interest, and are always willing to make recommendations or answer questions as the need arises.

We operate a mail-order business from our home on Manhattan's Upper East Side, we also regularly exhibit at local book fairs and other book related events in addition to the mail order & internet sales. We are open by appointment only, please see the contact section for details.